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Saturday, 29 December 2012


I have tears in my eyes writing this article. I haven't slept last night thinking about her. I don't know why but I am attached to her emotionally as if she was my family member. Damini is no more! May her soul rest in peace. Damini the victim of the gang rape which took in Delhi on 17th Dec. 2012 is no more. She was flown away from Delhi 2 days ago to Singapore for treatment in 'Mount Elizabeth' Hospital; But Alas! even the Asia's best medical team couldn't save her and she died due to multiple organ failure on 2:15 am according to I.S.T.

We are sorry! We are ashamed! The act that started 13 days ago has come to an end. The country has lost its bravest warrior! She may lost her battle with life, but her battle against the rapists, against this shameful act, against this helpless law is still on and we will not let this battle end until the rapists are strictly punished. We must not let her life go waste but we shall continue this battle upto its destiny ie. Death for the rapists..... 

It's not only about this "Damini" but about thousands and thousands of "Daminis" around the country who have either lost their lives due to such shameful act or are still fighting 'everyday' against such shameful acts. My body starts shivering on thinking about what 'Damini" has undergone on that bus on 17th Dec 2012 on 9:30 pm at Delhi.......

How can be someone so cruel? Hasn't God given them a heart? Doesn't they know anything about respect, humanity, kindness. They really are worse than the animals. But is it about few people and their shameless activities and thinking or it is about Mentality of people's thinking and values. I personally think it is about people's mentality and their values. Because if this has been about few people then there shouldn't have been so many such cases around whole country!
Men in this country are getting worse. Worse than the animals! Sometimes it feels very strange to think is this the very same country I knew Earlier? Is the same country where women were treated as "Lakshmi" and "Saraswati". Cause know it is very hard to believe....

Thinking some time back. I remember how Indians were so proud of their culture and values. They respected women. These values were also reflected in Indian Bollywood family movies  made at that time. But now after looking back; I ask to myself looking at the situations today "Are we still proud of our 'now' cultural values. You will be shocked to know according to a govt. report 90% of the rapes are done by family members or relatives and it's true we read such cases in newspapers. How cheap and ridiculous is this that Women are not even safe in their house. Not only rapes but so many other cheap shameful acts which are seen only in India.

1. I think almost each and everyday we read a same news in newspapers. " A newborn girl left on road/ left on railway station/ left near hospital.... Does our values teach us to mistreat a girl child? Leave her on her own? What's her mistake? In a country where almost everything is worshiped can't a women be respected?

I'll give you another example-
2. Eve-teasing
Thousands and thousands of girls and women suffer eve-teasing everyday. I think each and every girl reading this will agree with me. Eve-teasing everywhere on streets, roads, buses, public places, everywhere! Passing on ugly, unjust, unright, abusive comments on women by some men. This is the biggest problem in our country according to me. Thousands and thousands of "Daminis" fight all these problems in everyday life........

Who is to be blamed? A protester at the protest said "Police and govt. are to blamed.". One viewer of this article also said that I should write more about on blaming govt. and police. But I doubt it! Are only Govt. and Police to be blamed?......
I personally think no! Honestly speaking; Even in protests against rape case so many Men are involved in daily eve-teasing activities. We have to look into ourselves! Ask ourselves! Are only Police and Govt. to be blamed? I'm sure if you ask  this question to yourself; You'll get the answer.....

Rajya Sabha MP and actress Jaya Bacchan has said "We have to respect women. Respect Bharat Mata!!!!!".... UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi  has also said that "We have to fight against this anti-women mentality".
From the above 2 statements; 1 thing is clear; This country has to learn to respect women. "Don't tell your Daughter how to dress, Tell your son to behave properly, Tell your son to respect women. I assure you the day this country learns how to respect women, There will be no such shameful acts in future.

Still the accused, the offenders must be punished. Good to know that the offenders are treated with Section 302 of Indian Penal Act (IPC) ie. Intent to murder. I demand, I protest the govt. to punish these convicts as soon as possible. Hanging/Chemical Castration/Publicly Hang on crane (Like Saudi Arabia). Whatever the punishment is, it should create a terror in such people's mind. They should start shivering so that It ensures no such crime is repeated in future....    

Wednesday, 26 December 2012


After I got so much support on my first ever article 500+ viewers in less than 5 days and some positive comments and appreciations; I again am motivated to write another article. Thank you so much for your support...

It feels very nice to see so much unity in youths of India. Just a call on the Facebook page regarding the 'Delhi Rape Case' and thousands and thousands of youth collectively protested at the 'Rashtrapati Bhawan' and at the 'India Gate'.

The Govt. has said that the protesters should be calm and there should be no violence. Then what about govt. using tear gas, water cannon, lathi charge at the protesters... 


What's their fault?
Govt. in reply has said that Some 'unsocial elements' are creating violence during the protest and I personally think yes some of them are... 

Some protesters destroyed a public bus, some police vehicles, a media van and some of them may have even attacked some policemen. A brave police constable Subhash Tomar died due to internal injuries. 

May his soul rest in peace.....

But still it is not fair that everyone experiences consequences for some people's mistake....

Why are Police attacking those old helpless people who are there to demand govt. for safety of their daughters and granddaughters. What is the mistake of those young female protesters who are their asking govt. for their better and safe future. 
Anyways Why are people asking govt. for their safety; Isn't it the govt's first duty to protect its citizens.

Our helpless PM have said that "Protesters should be calm. Govt. will be taking strict actions against the offenders. People should wait!"
WAIT!!!!! But I've always heard from my childhood that 'justice delayed is justice denied'
Certain jokes are spreading that the victim girl has spoken more than the PM in the last 3-days. I still don't understand why do people vote if they don't like their leader. The PM if India! Most Powerful position in the country.

When the govt. saw that the crowd of protesters did not decreased but went on increasing instead after 3 days. They shut off 9 metro-stations near India Gate and also sealed all the ways to reach India Gate.
The citizens are now asking a question.... Why? They ask "Why have you shut the metro-stations; Is it made of your father's 

Their argument is rightly so. The metros, railways, roads, bridges each and every service that citizens are getting is because of their money that they are paying through taxes .
Hence, Each and every service/public property is property of each and every citizen of the country as it is them who are paying for it.
The role of govt. is to collect money from the citizens and use it for the sake of development. But recent scams like 2G scam, CWG scam, Coal block scam have made the citizens lose their confidence from the government. They have witnessed how politicians are misusing their money that they have earned by working extremely hard but the politicians are filling their pockets in lakhs of crores(Billions/Trillions) for free. 



Just as I went to a shop nearby to buy 
something, I saw a young girl coming with her face being covered with a cloth. I ignored and kept on going; then again after some time I saw a group of college girls coming with most of the girls with again faces covered  by a cloth.

I recalled my early days when I used to ask my parents on why do these girls always cover their faces with cloth. They used to say the girls did it for the purpose to keep their skin tone fairer. Suddenly the thought arise in my mind "Was it the correct answer?".... OR Were they trying to hide something horrible from a young child. I think you know the best, I don't need to explain.....

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Just as i woke up today in the morning, read newspaper; I was shocked to read the news "Delhi girl Gang Raped on a moving bus"
I mean how is this possible? It's not that this is the first rape case reported in the capital. I feel no shame to say that Delhi has become the Rape Capital of the country. Around 435 rape cases in 2010, 575 cases in 2011 and 625 rapes so far in the year 2012. Why only Delhi? No. of rape cases has reportedly been increased throughout the country by 28%. Look at the stats below for more information.

But still I mean how brave those shitheads were, they raped a girl on a moving bus and that too on a bus in a crowded city like Delhi, This really is very hard to believe. I came to know she is a 23-year old girl and was travelling with a 28 year old male friend. She was treated extreme harsh and brutally, you'll be feeling so-so sorry and shameful to know that she after being raped was thrown out of a moving bus along with her friend who tried his best to saved her but unfortunately couldn't. Both of them are brutally injured . The girl is kept on a ventilator, had undergone 5 life-saving surgeries, she has 23 stitches, internal bleeding and severe infection in intestine had went in Coma '5' times. Although she is unable to speak but still she has expressed her desire to live to her mother by writing on paper with a pen that "I want to live! Please tell my friends  that I've gone for a 3-month holiday and I'll return to college after 3 months." 

How brave this girl is! She still has a desire to live, have guts to face society! I mean thousands of girls/women suicide every year in India due to sexual harassment, some of them don't even report it to police due to fear of name of their family being defamed or denounced.

BJP MP and TV Actress Smriti Irani said in parliament "In Darindon ko toh faansi par latka dena chahiye! In Darindon ki himmat bahut badh gayi hai.  Mamta Sharma( Chief of National Commission for Women) also said the same. Rajya Sabha MP and former actress Jaya Bacchan went emotional and broke down into tears during discussion on this topic in Parliament and said "I feel very ashamed and helpless that despite being in Parliament I could not do anything for women safety." TMC MP Derek Brian said "It's not about women ; for it is the men who are getting worsen, worse than the animals."

From the above 3-4 statements at least one thing is clear that it is not right to advice women on such things like don't wear short clothes, come home early before night, stay away from society, don't walk alone etc.
I am glad to see a bit of progress in Indian minds who earlier felt that women were responsible for all such mistakes.

Now, the point arises what is responsible for this cheap, cruel, degraded mind of the rapists in India.
Here are 2 main reasons according to me.

1.The main problem is very weak and helpless law of our country. There should be very-very strict punishment for the convicts of this crime. But you'll be shocked to know there is no such strict law. It is still only in our desires. The maximum punishment in rape case is 5-years jail. Most of the convicts either never get caught or stay in jail for just 2-3 days and get bailed out. Some of the convicts spend 4-months in jail and then they are relieved.
What the Hell!
Who the hell in this world will be afraid of such punishment. A punishment should be like this that no one never ever thinks of doing it again. Anyone who even thinks to do such should get extremely terrified and starts shivering! and not dare to even think of it again.
Execution(Faansi), Chemical castration, publicly tortured are suggestions coming out from the protesting youth of the country. Whatever the punishment is now depends on the government But from my point of view very first thing to be done is that there should be no bail in a rape case.

2. Another problem according to me is in the upbringing. Indian society is somehow a male dominant society;  In rural India and in some parts of the country right from the start children see that their father is head of the family and is oppressive over their mother. Hence, boys are free of choice and independent but the girls are always kept in a boundation  and scolded and advised to come home early, wear proper clothes, and all that. I personally think that if the boy child is taught from a very age to respect women and not only girl but even boy is under some restrictions then I think it can play a great role in reforming the mentality.

Our society has to understand Women doesn't gets raped but a 'Man rapes' her.
Here are some images that supports my point. 

  At last I'd like to say weak, helpless law is the cause of each and 
every problem in India. People do whatever they want wherever they want because they are not afraid of the law. So I think there must be a strict law and equally strict punishment for such shameful offences.

I've always heard of 'Eye for an Eye' law in Arab countries and hated this policy. But now, I think for such offences, this Arab policy is surely better than the Indian democratic policy.