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Wednesday 19 December 2012


Just as i woke up today in the morning, read newspaper; I was shocked to read the news "Delhi girl Gang Raped on a moving bus"
I mean how is this possible? It's not that this is the first rape case reported in the capital. I feel no shame to say that Delhi has become the Rape Capital of the country. Around 435 rape cases in 2010, 575 cases in 2011 and 625 rapes so far in the year 2012. Why only Delhi? No. of rape cases has reportedly been increased throughout the country by 28%. Look at the stats below for more information.

But still I mean how brave those shitheads were, they raped a girl on a moving bus and that too on a bus in a crowded city like Delhi, This really is very hard to believe. I came to know she is a 23-year old girl and was travelling with a 28 year old male friend. She was treated extreme harsh and brutally, you'll be feeling so-so sorry and shameful to know that she after being raped was thrown out of a moving bus along with her friend who tried his best to saved her but unfortunately couldn't. Both of them are brutally injured . The girl is kept on a ventilator, had undergone 5 life-saving surgeries, she has 23 stitches, internal bleeding and severe infection in intestine had went in Coma '5' times. Although she is unable to speak but still she has expressed her desire to live to her mother by writing on paper with a pen that "I want to live! Please tell my friends  that I've gone for a 3-month holiday and I'll return to college after 3 months." 

How brave this girl is! She still has a desire to live, have guts to face society! I mean thousands of girls/women suicide every year in India due to sexual harassment, some of them don't even report it to police due to fear of name of their family being defamed or denounced.

BJP MP and TV Actress Smriti Irani said in parliament "In Darindon ko toh faansi par latka dena chahiye! In Darindon ki himmat bahut badh gayi hai.  Mamta Sharma( Chief of National Commission for Women) also said the same. Rajya Sabha MP and former actress Jaya Bacchan went emotional and broke down into tears during discussion on this topic in Parliament and said "I feel very ashamed and helpless that despite being in Parliament I could not do anything for women safety." TMC MP Derek Brian said "It's not about women ; for it is the men who are getting worsen, worse than the animals."

From the above 3-4 statements at least one thing is clear that it is not right to advice women on such things like don't wear short clothes, come home early before night, stay away from society, don't walk alone etc.
I am glad to see a bit of progress in Indian minds who earlier felt that women were responsible for all such mistakes.

Now, the point arises what is responsible for this cheap, cruel, degraded mind of the rapists in India.
Here are 2 main reasons according to me.

1.The main problem is very weak and helpless law of our country. There should be very-very strict punishment for the convicts of this crime. But you'll be shocked to know there is no such strict law. It is still only in our desires. The maximum punishment in rape case is 5-years jail. Most of the convicts either never get caught or stay in jail for just 2-3 days and get bailed out. Some of the convicts spend 4-months in jail and then they are relieved.
What the Hell!
Who the hell in this world will be afraid of such punishment. A punishment should be like this that no one never ever thinks of doing it again. Anyone who even thinks to do such should get extremely terrified and starts shivering! and not dare to even think of it again.
Execution(Faansi), Chemical castration, publicly tortured are suggestions coming out from the protesting youth of the country. Whatever the punishment is now depends on the government But from my point of view very first thing to be done is that there should be no bail in a rape case.

2. Another problem according to me is in the upbringing. Indian society is somehow a male dominant society;  In rural India and in some parts of the country right from the start children see that their father is head of the family and is oppressive over their mother. Hence, boys are free of choice and independent but the girls are always kept in a boundation  and scolded and advised to come home early, wear proper clothes, and all that. I personally think that if the boy child is taught from a very age to respect women and not only girl but even boy is under some restrictions then I think it can play a great role in reforming the mentality.

Our society has to understand Women doesn't gets raped but a 'Man rapes' her.
Here are some images that supports my point. 

  At last I'd like to say weak, helpless law is the cause of each and 
every problem in India. People do whatever they want wherever they want because they are not afraid of the law. So I think there must be a strict law and equally strict punishment for such shameful offences.

I've always heard of 'Eye for an Eye' law in Arab countries and hated this policy. But now, I think for such offences, this Arab policy is surely better than the Indian democratic policy.          


  1. That's really disheartening.I feel ashamed of our society,our culture,their thinking but I'm proud that some people are there to fight against it n support such women n girlz...

  2. Ya I also feel the same. It is now time for the young generation to step in and bring reformation. We have to fight and as well as remove this old backward male dominant thinking and punish death to the convicts of such a shameful crime.

  3. Government needs to take serious action in the matter of "PUBLIC SAFETY". It's getting weaker and weaker and no one cares about it in the CENTRE . :(

  4. I think girls must learn judo-karate to safeguard themselves from the devils

  5. Guysss must be hanged till death..huh

  6. A very nice article. It is only us who can prevent such horrendous things from happening.

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